Ulceration Trial

VIDIO Clinical Trial (Prospective, Single-arm, Multi-center, Pilot Trial of IVUS Imaging Used as an Adjunct to Multiplanar Venography During Iliac-common Femoral Vein Assessment for Possible Endovascular Intervention)

Designed by our own Dr. Gagne, in collaboration with the well-respected medical device manufacturer, Volcano, this trial detects deep vein blockages that impede blood flow and damages legs. Dr. Gagne is the lead investigator of this multi-center trial that includes three sites in Europe and twelve sites in the United States. The trial aims at comparing the imaging of the iliofemoral veins as seen with different imaging techniques. This trial could lead to improved detection and treatment of iliofemoral venous disease. Eligible patients must be between the age of 19 – 85 and either have a grossly swollen leg with calf skin discoloration or an ulcer or healed ulcer on the calf. Six of our vascular surgeons currently have patients enrolled in this trial: Dr. Gagne, Dr. Bowman, Dr. Kucher, Dr. Sergi, Dr. Marsanand Dr. Goldstein.

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